The Federal Reserve's Community Development function promotes economic growth and financial stability for low- and moderate-income (LMI) communities and individuals through a range of activities including convening stakeholders, conducting and sharing research, and identifying emerging issues. As households and communities contend with limited resources and persistent challenges, Community Development is focusing on the structural barriers to getting people back to work and restoring their financial stability.

Low-income and hard-to-employ individuals represent diverse segments of the population, each requiring unique policy considerations. Historically, youth, the less-educated, and minority workers have been over-represented among both the unemployed and the persistently unemployed. Currently, older workers, women, and those with college educations are also disproportionately facing long-term unemployment and low wages. The Community Development staff also recognizes the unique challenges faced by hard-to-employ populations such as the disabled, the homeless, and ex-offenders.


Long-Term Unemployment and Workforce Development

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