Fed Listens Events

The Federal Reserve System will sponsor a research conference on June 4-5, 2019, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, with speakers and panelists from outside the System. The sessions will include overviews by academic experts of themes that are central to the review, including the FOMC’s monetary policy since the financial crisis, assessments of the maximum sustainable level of employment, alternative policy frameworks and strategies to achieve the dual mandate, policy tools, global considerations, financial stability considerations, and central bank communications. Other sessions will feature panels of community leaders who will share their perspectives on the labor market and the effects of interest rates on their constituencies. The conference will be live-streamed. The conference presentations will be posted at a later date. Attendance is by invitation only.

Other Fed Listens Events
February 25
Community Listening Session
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Summary of Community Listening Session

April 9-10
Fed Listens: Distributional Consequences of the Cycle and Monetary Policy
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Summary of Fed Listens Session

May 8
Community Listening Session
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

May 13
New England Perspectives on Fed Policymaking: A Fed Listens Conference
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

May 17
Fed Listens: Education, Employment, and Monetary Policy in the Third District
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

May 20
Fed Listens Roundtable Discussion
Federal Reserve Bank of New York

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Last Update: May 06, 2019